Điều khoản và điều kiện

Article 1: Terms of use

Are the regulations related to the use of the service on Juzaweb. User registration and after registration must comply with these rules.

Article 2: Change of regulations

Our company may change the policy in accordance with its policies. When changes are made, we will post a version to Juzaweb, the revised version will take effect at the time of being posted. After the regulations change, if a member uses Juzaweb, we consider the member to have accepted all new rules.

Article 3: Using the service

The user who registers an account and initializes the service on Juzaweb is the one who has registered to use the service in accordance with Juzaweb's regulations, and is accepted by the company to that registration.

Article 4: Information management

After handing over the service administration parameters to users, Juzaweb is not responsible and does not guarantee the accuracy of the information from the software, the user's website. Juzaweb is not liable for and compensates users and third parties for direct, indirect, inadvertent, special, intangible, profits, revenue, and reputation damages born of the use of Juzaweb products and services.

Article 5: Suspension of service provision

Juzaweb reserves the right to discontinue service without refunding any costs in the following cases:
- Users use the software / website for any purpose / form violating Vietnamese law, especially on the copyright of software, songs ...
- Users send, create links or transfer data that is illegal, threatening, deceptive, hateful, misleading, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, offensive ... or other forms prohibited by Vietnamese law in any way.
- Users store and propagate any data that constitutes or encourages criminal forms; or data that violates patent law, trademark, design right, copyright or any intellectual property rights or rights of any individual.
- Users use the website to sabotage another website.
- Users use programs that have the ability to clog or stall the system, such as causing exhaustion of system resources, overloading the processor and memory.
- Users use their website or account to gain unauthorized access to other websites or affect other customers of Juzaweb.
- Users do not pay their expenses on time.

Article 6: Administration of administrative accounts
Users securely keep identifiable information, passwords or other information related to their account and immediately notify Juzaweb when unauthorized forms of access are detected by their account. yourself or security loopholes, including loss, theft or disclosure of password and other confidential information.
Article 7: For Affiliate accounts
Users are allowed to withdraw money from their account when introducing 3 or more software contracts / websites
Article 8: Using email
- Users are solely responsible for the content of emails sent from the mailbox in their accounts.
- You provide email and sign up for a trial means you agree to receive marketing emails from Juzaweb
Article 9: Regulations on website footer
The website after finishing and handing over to the customer is confirmed by the words "Provided by Juzaweb" with links to the Juzaweb homepage and to the nofollow mode at the footer of the website page. Similar to the warranty stamps on other products, this confirms Juzaweb's responsibility as well as guarantees the right to use after-sales support services for the website.
Article 10: Juzaweb's responsibility to stop providing services
Juzaweb will refund money in the event of failure to provide due to decommissioning.
Article 11: Dispute settlement, applicable law
In the course of use, if there is a dispute between the user and our company, the two sides will conduct mediation negotiations in a spirit of friendship.